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Having shown an affinity for music from a very young age, Andorian Ramsey (affectionately known as DJ Beatific )  has been fine-tuning his skills with a unique repertoire of mixes, music elements, and playlists. His career took off in 2009, propelled by his peers and fellow classmates of Howard University; they loved the mind-bending sounds and mixes of DJ Beatific. With influences ranging from 80s funk, EDM, to indie and hip-hop, DJ Beatific is one DJ who isn’t afraid to innovate and try something new. Welcome to DJBeatific.Com the best way to connect with DJ Beatific and make your event(s) memorable.  


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As a dedicated entertainer,  Andorian "DJ Beatific" Ramsey has been moving and entertaining crowds since he was 10 years old. Although he was born in the early 90's, his roots in music date back to the "80's Funk era" seeing his grandfather and uncles ( Zapp and Roger ) perform and entertain. DJ Beatific grew into the philosophy that everyone is connected through music regardless of age, race, gender, or creed.


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"The day of the wedding we met DJ Beatific. He was just the best. He made sure everything from our timeline went smoothly and he was a hit with our guests during every segment of the wedding. I would highly recommend him to anyone getting married, especially for those getting married at Saratoga Springs."


“I’ve been to a few Dj Beatific parties, and it never seizes to amaze me how much passion and enthusiasm he brings to each and every gig. A truly talented DJ with a feel for the crowd!”


"Andorian our DJ and his team were amazing!  Our Wedding had great music and he was so amazing to us. He knew the schedule plan and would double check with us to make sure we were ready. Also, the lighting was amazing, just made our wedding more beautiful! I totally recommend him!!!!"


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