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TRULY "Beatific"

Behind The Booth 

As a dedicated entertainer,  Andorian "Beatific" Ramsey has been moving and entertaining crowds since he was 10 years old. Although he was born in the early 90's, his roots in music date back to the "80's Funk era" seeing his grandfather and uncles ( Zapp and Roger ) perform and entertain.  As he developed, Beatific grew into the philosophy that everyone is connected through music– regardless of age, race, gender, or creed. This is the mindset that led him eventually to become the "World's most Versatile DJ".

In 2009, with nothing more than an iPad app and an eclectic array of music, Beatific impressively burst onto the Washington D.C. (Howard University and surrounding colleges) music scene. Over the course of the next decade, he has become regionally-renowned for his creative ingenuity and original grooves. A slew of incredible tracks, unconventional performances, and undeniable transitions has elevated Beatific to a level few DJs ever reach; best described as musically idiosyncratic.

Beatific has performed for over 800 weddings and counting, many mitzvahs and quinceañeras, plus hundreds of corporate conventions and events. A few notable figures for which he has rocked the ones and twos include the first woman U.S. Vice-President, Kamala Harris, the Mark Twain Prize winner Dave Chappelle, and Japanese contemporary artist, Takashi Murakami. 

 “I'm my own worst critic so I consistently work on my mixes and blends to ensure I always bring something new and impressive to my shows. Simply put, if you don't evolve you won't last.” says Beatific.

In the climate of COVID-19 Beatific ensured he would never stop providing his service to the public and began his virtual takeover. On the "Clubhouse" platform he has DJed for and over 2.4 million listeners, gaining a loyal and active 65 thousand followers, with 50 thousand members to his club Beatific Sounds. worldwide. People from several countries tune in and request their favorite songs with no restrictions, and Beatific blends them together seamlessly. With the befitting motto "Every Genre, Any Language" Beatific offers curated elements of each genre that his clients and audience are sure to love.

For booking information, contact You can follow Beatific on social media @DJBeatific (Instagram, Facebook, Clubhouse) @MoreThanARapper Twitter, Beatific Entertainment YouTube.

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